Carry on your own house moving arrangement mistakes

Like any other major activity in life, house moving can be made a lot less stressful with adequate planning. If you have decided to do the house moving by yourself, you need to prepare for a lot of hard work which is something that a lot of people do not take into account. People assume that taking items from one house to another is something that is too straightforward until they try it out. It is easy to get carried away by the purported cost-cutting but not everyone enjoys it. These are some of the mistakes people make when organising a carry on your own house move;

Assume that friends will help – typically, friends are supposed to support you when you need them. In the event that you are moving, they should avail their vehicles and be present to carry stuff from the old house to the new one. Big mistake! Unless you have spoken to your friends, explained to them your plans and gotten affirmation that they will be available, it is wrong to slot people into your plans, regardless of how close you are or how many times you have helped them. If you really need your friends to help, you can schedule the move on a day when you are sure they will be available.

Forget the plants and pets – moving companies have specialized facilities for moving pets and live plants. In most cases, they will assess what you have to avail the necessary facilities required for moving. By virtue of the fact that they mark their checklists all the time, it is natural for them to remember to carry everything you own. You, on the other hand, might be too focused on getting the couches, electronics, and other furniture out of the old house that you forget to bring along items that need close attention.

Have no time to clean the house – most landlords expect their tenants to leave the house in the same condition they found it in. Fortunately, complying to this ensures that tenants get their full or partial deposit back as opposed to losing it all. Carrying furniture and all the other heavy items from the house can be exhausting and few people will remember to clean up afterward. If you do not make arrangements to do it especially if you are moving a distance away, it could be a costly mistake. Cleaning the house could also refer to personal stuff you own; you are moving to a larger house but it will still feel small if there are tons of unused utensils, shoes, and clothes filling up the storage spaces.

Moving from one house to another is no mean feat that is why there are professionals who have specialized in it. Unless you are one of them, you might need their guidance if you feel that carry on your own is the best option for you.


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