Carton Boxes Rental:

This service is no longer avalaible

We offer free Carton Boxes Rental for jobs exceeding $400 for a maximum period of 30 days from the day we drop them off or 14 days after the date of the move whichever is longer with a $2 deposit refundable subject to the box condition upon return!
Check out the FREE house moving carton boxes rental here —> Click to view

Rental boxes info for jobs exceeding $300 only & a $100 deposit is required :

We also offer rental boxes for jobs below $399  but exceeding $300 on a 7-day basis:
Delivery fee: $25.00
Pick up fee: $10.00
Between 6pm & 8pm: $5.00 extra for either pick up or delivery.

Rental fees:

Small size: $1.50 per box per 7 days
Medium size: $1.50 per box per 7 days
Large size: $1.50 per box per 7 days

Minimum Rental:

Minimum order: 12 boxes
Minimum period: 7 days & counted per 7 days blocks thereafter for up to 21 days.
Maximum period: 21 days


Carton Boxes Rental are only offered to customer who are going or already have a booking with us otherwise they will be considered sold.
You will need to pay the delivery fee + $4 per box which is the Carton Boxes Rental & a deposit at the same time.
Returns: We will refund you the balance from the $4 less the pick up fee & any overdue rental
If you exceed 21 days then we will not be offering any refunds from the deposit paid & the boxes are considered as SOLD
All our boxed for rent are recycled – not new

Why choose us for your Carton Boxes Rental? 

We are a one stop shop for your all your needs & your room moving, house moving or even office moving. Deal with one company & save the hassle of any misunderstandings between the Carton Boxes Rental company & the moving company.
We offer great deals for house moving, room moving & office moving

Useful info on how to recycle in Singapore: 
Always recycle – Stay GREEN — Please Visit NEA website on how to recycle!



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