Cheapest Mover SG News:

Cheapest Mover SG is happy to share that we now have 4 x 14ft lorries, 3 x 10ft lorries & 1 x 20ft crane lorry in our fleet but we won’t stop here! We are looking to add more & more once we identify the right candidates whom can join  Cheapest Mover SG team.

You will also notice that our prices are getting lower & lower as we are now able to split the running cost over more vehicles in our fleet & we are happy to share the savings with our loyal customers!

So if you haven’t tried Cheapest Mover SG yet, there is no better time to start!!!! Get an FREE online quote NOW or SMS us on 9097 3797 today to scheduled a FREE no obligation house call quotations with one of our friendly staff!



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