Looking for the Cheapest Room Mover in Singapore?

Look no further, We are here to offer you the Best, Cheapest Room Moving Service in Singapore!

Did you know that you can get your entire room moved from just $35?

This is how you can do it by following the below steps:

1- Call Cheapest Room Movers in Singapore on 9079 3797.
2- Book your desired 1 hour slot for just $35.
3- Pack your items.
4- Before your Van & Driver is due to arrive start to move all the light items near the loading & unloading area by your HDB or Condo.
5- Borrow our BIG TROLLY for your heavy items.
6- Ask the driver to take the fastest route & not the shortest!.7- Once you arrive at the destination, make sure you unload everything out of the van first before carrying any of your items to your new flat to ensure your don’t exceed the 1 hour & keep it at $35.
7- If you still have time then use the trolley to transport all your heavy items first, leave small boxes & luggage last.


Join our 1000’s of happy customers who have used our Room Mover – Van & Driver Service & get your room moved for just $35 with our Room Mover 60 Minute Service.


Our $35 rate is valid from 9am to 6pm 7 days a week. Please check http://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-van-driver-by-the-hour for other charge for timing outside of 9am to 6pm.


Written by Cheapest Mover SG – www.cheapestmoversg.com

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