Confirmed Booking Info

If you have already made a booking & paid a deposit, here are some important info & links.

Most important link which you must of have read is:

Our Terms & Conditions, If you have just clicked yes without reading it then please read them NOW by click on -> Terms & Conditions


  •  I have not read the terms & conditions, I just put i accept? 

We do not accept the above, If you have accepted then it is understood that you have read the Terms & Conditions & they are there for all parties to be clear on what to expect

If for any reason you do not agree with our terms & conditions, please cancel the booking within 60 minutes of the SMS you have just received with this link

  • What shall i do after i confirm & pay the deposit?

Nothing needs to be done, Our staff member/s will show up on the day within the grace period stated on the Terms & Conditions.

  • Do i need to reconfirm / double confirm?

No reconfirmation is needed & we may not reply to re confirmations as our SMS would have already stated ” your booking is now confirmed”

  • I just want to make sure that you will show up? 

We understand that if you deal with a one man shows or some random person/s of an app or free advert you may have this issue however, we are a proper business who takes business seriously & looking to grow the business, we have more than one vehicle available to us so if one has issue then we will dispatch another.

  • Can i cancel? 

Yes, You can cancel 48 hours prior to the booking without any cancellation fees. For the complete info on cancellation fees & refund of deposit admin fees, please see our Terms & Conditions

  • I booked but didn’t get the driver or staff number?

We do not give out staff or drivers numbers & we are available on 9079 3797 via SMS whenever a booking / job is in process so all you need to do is SMS.

  • How do i know when the driver / staff have arrived? 

If you have booked with labor / manpower etc, They will come to your location. If you have booked without labor they will meet you below or in front of the building you have given us the address for otherwise we will notify you via SMS.

  • My booking is at 9am & now it is 9:30am? 

Please refer to the timing under our Terms & Conditions

  • Would you call me if the driver is late? 

Only if it is outside the grace period mentioned in our Terms & Conditions

If the driver is arriving within the grace period then we do not consider as late so we wont be calling you as it was already stated in the Terms & Conditions

For other FAQ please visit -> our FAQ page

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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