Furniture Disposal In Singapore:

There are a few options when disposing of your old furniture or appliances in Singapore.

1- (FREE) You can call your local Town Council & arrange for FREE collection (Each household is allowed 3 items per month for HDB residents only).
– Here is a link for all the town counsels contact numbers: http://app.sgdi.gov.sg/listing_others.asp?t_category=TOWN_COUNCIL

2- (CHEAP WITH NO LABOUR) Hire an Easy Van & Driver hourly service for $35 & drive to your nearest designated disposal area or to the Salvation Army.
–  We offer an Easy Van & Driver service without labour @ $35 per hour – Easy Van & Driver Furniture Disposal Service.

3- (PAID) Fill our online quote & get a quote. It is usually the same price as moving an item to another location as it involves the same amount of work.

4- Maybe list your items on one the many FREE classifieds for a cheap price or even for free as long as they arrange their own transportation.

Cheapest Mover Sg launched a Donate, Giveaway, Buy & Sell forum to help our customers in recycling their to other families who are in need. It could be someones else’s treasure.

So you don’t have to pay a lot to dispose of your items & sometimes you not even have to pay at all if you stay in a HDB & if you don’t, try listing the item for sale cheap or give it away  this way you don’t have the hassle of moving it or paying for the move & someone will get to use it so it doesn’t end up in landfill somewhere!


Written by Cheap Mover SG – www.cheapmopversg.com




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