Looking to move your house or flat soon?

Here is 7 important tips to ensure you get the best price!

1- Ask at least 3 House Moving companies to come & give you a quote on site to ensure you get the best price for your buck.

2- Ensure that the House Mover has seen all your items before quoting you a price so you wont get any nasty surprises on the day of your move.

3- Ask the House Mover what vehicle will they be using & how many workers will be there to help on the day. (you don’t want an open back lorry/truck as it will most likely rain on that day!).

4- Make sure that the House Mover agrees to wrap all your fragile & bulky items inclusive of the price.

5- Ask if the House Mover offers free carton boxes or if they offer a rental of the boxes where you leave a deposit & get a full refund upon returning them.

6- Ask for an official written quote which indicates your items & a final price to avoid being overcharged.

7- Ask the House Mover for a company registration to ensure you are dealing with a proper business.


Cheap House Movers are not always the best way to go & that’s why you should always ask the House Moving Company to come down to your house for an onsite quotation, this way you get to meet the House Movers representative & discuss the move & ask lots of questions. Make sure that you show & inform the House Movers of all the items and if you will want them to dismantle & reassemble any of your items as this may incur extra charges as well as climbing of any stairs at the destination address, It is best to give the House Mover as much information as possible to ensure that you get the correct price.

Find out what vehicle size the House Movers are using & ask if its covered or open, this is very important as you never know what the weather will be like on the day.. Trust me on this!!!!! Make sure that your chosen House Mover is aware you want your Bulky & fragile items needs to be wrapped & handled with care on the day of the quotation so you don’t get stuck on the day if they ask you to pay extra & make sure that they either offer you free carton boxes or if they offer a fully refundable deposit on boxes upon returning them.


Why is it important to make use of the above 7 House Moving Tips?

As many of us have experienced or heard of horrific House Movers where they will under quote you verbally & hold you at ransom on the day when you have no choice but to pay..

So make sure you use these tips & we wish you a smooth & a very happy stay in your new place

Written By Cheapest Mover SG – www.cheapestmoversg.com

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