How To Book

How To Use & Make A Booking:

How To A Make Booking For Van or Lorry & Driver?

  1. Visit http://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-van-driver-by-the-hour for van or http://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-10ft-14ft-lorry-and-driver-hourly/ for lorry
  2. You will receive an instant SMS with your Booking ID
  3. The night before your booking you will get an SMS reminder
  4. Do not reconfirm the booking, please

How To Make A Booking For House Moving Or Delivery Of Items?

  1. Fill the online form VIA: http://cheapestmoversg.com/get-an-online-house-moving-free-quote/
  2. We will reply you with the price within 60 min
  3. You are happy with the price
  4. Send us your Name, Address X 2, Date & Time
  5. You have made a booking

How to Get A Physical Onsite Quote?

  1. Send us an SMS to 90793797 with your request
  2. Include your Name, Address & desired date for the staff to come down
  3. We will SMS you an appointment confirmation

Otherwise, you can fill one of our online forms available in the top menu or you can click on one of the links below:

  1. Make a Booking Request: CLICK HERE
  2. Get an online quote: CLICK HERE
  3. Request for an onsite quote: CLICK HERE
  4. Online Booking for a Van & Driver or Lorry & Driver only: CLICK HERE
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