There is no doubt that moving from one house to another is a major event and most people will have had it replayed on their minds for weeks and even months in advance. It is easy to panic in anticipation a smooth move and especially when you have lived in the current house for a long time, things can easily take an emotional turn. It is natural to associate moving with boxes because quite frankly, that is the medium that most people use to ferry their belongings. You will have a less stressful moving day if you thought about where and how you will acquire the boxes you need but in addition to that, the following will come handy;

Packing Paper

Do you have glasses, plates and other delicate items that must be wrapped up individually to avoid knocking against each other in transit? Packing paper can also be used to line up boxes before you place items to avoid unnecessary movement. To create a significant wall of protection around the item you are wrapping, the paper should be used liberally.

Bubble Wrap

Most people enjoy the satisfaction they get from popping the air spaces on bubble wrap. While it can be a great pastime, these air-bubbles play a crucial role when you are moving. There is no telling how bumpy a trip can be but when you have bubble-wrapped your electronics and finest breakables, you can be assured that they will get to the other side in one piece.

Packing labels

You probably have tens of boxes in which you have placed your belongings in a certain order only you can understand. While it is a good idea to separate items when moving or putting certain things together to make unpacking easier, it can be quire frustrating looking through the boxes to find a specific one. Using labels will not only help you to pack faster, but even when you reach your destination, the process of unpacking will be a smooth one.


On moving day, you are the head of the moving operation, whether you have hired a moving company or not. A clipboard should be one of the items you keep close at hand as you arrange your items and plan on how all things, living and non-living will be transported. It is also important for those who need to delegate duties so that it can be easy to keep track of the day’s progress.

When you think of moving, consider all the extra activities that make it a success without having to necessary think about what a moving company is hired to do.


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