Why RIDES is the Superior Driving App in Singapore

Today, driving app and other apps are all the rage. There is a common question people often ask jokingly, “Is there an app for that as well?” Well, if someone asks that about what the best passenger, driving & delivery service happens to be, then you need to tell them about RIDES. RIDES is the hottest new passenger, driving & delivery app in Singapore, and if you haven’t heard about it, you’re certainly missing out. This IOS & Android application won’t just change the driving share application game, but it will provide you with a great, dependable passenger, driving & delivery service that will take you wherever you need to go. While there is certainly more to RIDES than cliches and platitudes, here are all the reasons why you should definitely consider this application if you need a driving service.

Service You Can Depend On

Unlike a lot of other passenger, driving & delivery services, this service will always be around as it was born in Singapore to serve Singaporeans. Other services tend to have blackouts and inability-to-serve warnings depending on the geographic location. While there are some areas where you may have to consider changing where you’re requesting for service, you can most likely get it in most metropolitan areas. RIDES may be new an up-and-coming, but its ability to serve you regardless of where you happen to be is what makes it so unique and desirable in this current climate of apps.

Not Over-Saturated

Unlike other driving apps, RIDES is not oversaturated. When you look at a lot of other apps, you’ll notice that they tend to provide service just about everywhere. While you think you may want a service that is very popular, there is the sad reality behind inundated driving apps. When a certain app is prevalent in a given area, this means that you’re going to get a lot of drivers. Again, even though this sounds good, here’s the ugly truth behind having a lot of drivers. Too many drivers means you’re going to have a lot of low quality drivers that are not properly vetted. With a newer driving app, the pressure is much higher for those individuals because they have to prove themselves to the driving service, whatever it happens to be. 

With RIDES, you won’t have that problem. This new application will vet drivers unlike any other driving app before it. This ensures that when you step into a requested vehicle, you’re only going to be served by some of the best drivers in your given area. 

Overall, there is no doubt that if you’re looking for the best driving service, look no further than RIDES.


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