Room Moving Singapore

It is finally time to move into the new house you have been looking for. Depending on how long you have lived in the current place, you will have loads of belongings and fittings to carry with you. Before you get all confused thinking of a good packing plan, realize that there are professionals who are trained to get you to your new place without hustle. The decision to hire a moving company will depend on how much you need to pack and the nature of items you own. Most professionals advocate for room by room moving, which means that instead of loading the moving truck according to all the belongings you have, you first pack an entire room into specific cartoons to make it easy to unpack. Here are some handy tips for moving a room;

Leave the clutter behind – you may be holding on to some items simply because you have not taken the time to assess their relevance. If you feel that an item may no longer be useful, try placing it in the most suitable room and see if it still seems out of place. Moving costs money and considering that most companies charge by weight of belongings, you cannot afford to tag along with the clutter.

Make a list of items – for every room that you have in your current house, create a list of all the things you are moving with. By categorizing them into type and special care needed for them, it becomes easy to get specialized packaging material for every group of items. The golden rule of packing is to start with the small items so that there is enough space created to dismantle the larger ones.

Protect your valuables – antiques, and other valuables need extra attention when moving. Inform your movers about these items so that they can acquire packaging materials and arrange for special transport conditions in time. While some companies can make special arrangements to safeguard fragile items, others are specialized in this area. Inquiring about this early before moving plans have started will save you lots of money.

Labeling – to simply the unpacking process, the cartons or packaging materials that hold items from one room should be indicated as such. If possible, list everything that is in there so that it does not take a lot of time to find specific items. Since most boxes used by moving companies these days are rentals, clients can use stickers that are removable for each move.


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