Among the top 3 stressors is moving house. But if we think that moving house is stressful for us humans, spare a thought for our felidae companions. Cats hate to change to their routine. They hate new things that come to upset their equilibrium and will show their displeasure in a variety of ways. So what’re the best ways to move peacefully, calmly, and gently with your cats? Probably the simplest option to take is to put the cat in a cattery for a week or so whilst the old house gets packed up, the move takes place, and after that, the unpacking and going straight at the new house happens.

This option works well if you are only moving up to a few miles away, but if you are moving several hundred miles away it’s unlikely that you are going to want to make the journey of several hundred miles to collect them. Therefore, if the battery is not a practical option, then the cats may have to be kept strictly indoors in one room while all the home items are being loaded into the removal lorry. Make sure that all windows are locked and that there are no other means of entry to this room. Make certain that no one enters this room unintentionally, and whether you have a firm of removers helping you with the move, make certain you tell them in advance not to open the door.

At the room, put the cat into a large cage, which can be purchased or hired, from bigger pet stores, the vets, or an animal charity. Put favourite bedding, a bowl of water, a dish of food, and some dried treats and some familiar toys in the cage with the cat in order that he’ll be capable to get on with his day without being too worried about what’s happening outside the room. Make sure that the lid to the cage is securely fastened in order that a Houdini type cat or boisterous kitten cannot make an offer for freedom la Steve McQueen! – After the move has taken place the procedure needs to be reversed.

Find a room that is not needed instantly, and place the cage, the cat, and all of its objects in it and securely fasten the cage. Again, make sure that no one accidentally opens the door to this room. The less the cat knows about what’s going outside the less it’ll panic and worry. When all the furniture has been moved into the new house then you can visit the cat to make sure he’s all right. Keep the door closed in case it closes nervously and ensure for several days running that all windows and doors are kept firmly closed.