Things to consider when sorting clothes before moving

Clothes can be tricky to move because unlike the rest of your belongings, the state in which you keep them may not allow for straightforward packing and movement. Consider a full length suit you only wear to important business meetings and which you keep upright in your closet – for the suit to reach another location in the exact condition it is in, you need to be extra cautious. This is what you need to do step by step in readiness for clothes transportation so that you have minimal damage when moving.

It may be appear like an easy task to divide up your clothes into what you need and what you do not need, but what criteria do you use so that you do not have regrets later?

  1. Leave the irrelevant clothes – some clothes will definitely become obsolete just by the mere fact that you are moving to a location in which you will not need them. Coming from an extremely cold region to a hot area, it is pointless to move your warm clothes so you are better of giving them out to family and friends as farewell gifts or donating them to charity.
  2. Leave the out-of-fashion clothes – there are clothes you buy simply because they are trendy and with time when the trend changes, you have nothing to do with them. These clothes will usually lie around the closet waiting for an interested family members or friend to claim them. If you are moving to a different house and are sure that some clothes will never see the light of day, do not take them with you – this is the best time to donate, sell or gift others.
  3. Leave clothes you can no longer put on – when most of us put on excess weight, the hope is that with time this extra weight will be shed off and we will go back to wearing our favorite clothes., while it does happen as planned for some people, most people take a long time to get back to their acceptable weight, if ever. If you have stayed for over 5 years without having worn an item of clothing, give it out.

Just like you would do in taking inventory for all the items you own in the house, conduct an inventory exercise for your clothes. The role of the exercise is to determine which of the clothes you have are worth carrying over to your new house and which ones should be left behind. Follow this rule as concerns sorting and you will not only save a lot of time you would have used to pack unwanted clothes but you will have plenty of space to carry more important items. Courier service Singapore charge transportation costs per weight of what you are moving and the less the weight, the less the cost.

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