Here are a few things you must do before you move to ensure you wont get overcharged by your house mover!

1- Get the House Mover to send you the price by SMS stating the price or ask  for a written quote.
2- Make sure you inform the House Mover of all the items you want to move.
3- Ask the House Mover if he charges any GST.
4- Ask the House Mover if there any extra charges for climbing of stairs should you have any, Even if it is 2 steps!.
5- Ask the House Mover to give you the company registration number & a company name to ensure that you are not dealing with some fly by cowboys.

Unfortunately we all hear of horror stories about House Movers & about innocent customers getting way overcharged on the day of their move which comes down to solely the House Mover or House Moving Company in my opinion as they should know best & they should know what questions to ask before quoting however i have heard of some very bad stories from our clients like for example:
– The House Mover giving a very cheap quote just to get the job & increasing it on the day.
–  This is very bad in our opinion and puts the customer in a very awkward position on the day of which leaves the unsuspected customers with no choice but to pay, you just need to Google to find out.

– The House Mover giving a very cheap quote but never shows up on the day.
–  If i can get a penny for every time we get a phone call from a customer either sitting at home waiting for a House Mover whom won’t pick up the phone or a customer waiting at the car park with all their belongings only to get a call saying sorry i can’t make it today because of a lame reason.

Where does that leave you & why does this happen?

We believe this comes down to Selfishness & Greed & not taking the business or the client seriously!

Make sure you do your home work & ask a lot of questions, get the price via SMS or in a written quote so you dot have to pay BIG later!

Written By Cheapest Mover SG – www.cheapestmoversg.com


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