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The terms & conditions are displayed to be read for the benefit of all involved
We valus our customers & they are very important to us!!
We always try our best & give it 110% to try to serve them with the best service we can possibly give.

Our staff are also important to us & must to be treated with respect.
On Track Sg will not tolerate bad behaviour from either customers or staff & management checks all bookings corespondents.
We understand the importance of keeping our customers & staff happy as we simply have no business at all without our loyal customers & great staff.
Please understand that we can’t change the company policies to suit each booking & we have to abide by the terms stated on this page.

** If you do not agree or not willing to read to our terms & conditions please do not complete the booking
Management reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event a customer is stepping out of line, shouting or insulting our staff because they didn’t read the terms & conditions.

Any defamation of the companies name is taken with all seriousness & we won’t hesitate to take legal action against any party which will try to tarnish our name without a good reason.
We record all the IP addresses!

We thank you for choosing www.cheapestmoversg.com operated by On Track Sg.
By using, booking or confirming any jobs or bookings  via www.cheapestmoversg.com website or by doing the same via our hotline 90793797 VIA an SMS or other means, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions by default.

All our booking are either made online or booked VIA SMS so there is a record of the booking & issued with booking ID.
We won’t accept any claims that a booking is made on the phone or a price was given on the phone as it’s against the company policy!
All our Quotes are issued with a UID & all our bookings have a booking ID!
We will only honour quotes issued after the online quote form is filled out at the below link.

All SMS, WhatsApp or phone quotes are not honoured!
Please note! Any communication in relation to a booking has to be done either VIA email or SMS.
We don’t accept instructions changes over the phone to avoid any mistakes & to have a record of all conversations.

Bookings are first in first served basis.
Even if you accept a booking, We will still need to check for an available slot & may not be able to accept the booking.
We reserve the right not accept any booking without a reason.

Please note!

All the articles, data, images, information published on this website are subject to copyright.
We record all the IP addresses & have a digital print of any copied data.
An auto Google search will be done every week for all our content & any violations will be reported to Google & the authorities.

All our bookings are made with the intention of showing up on time however due to road works, traffic & weather conditions you may expect delays.
As an example: Bookings made for 9am will be considered 9am to 11am & the same applies to any booking made at any time throughout the day.
Please allow up to 120 minutes from the stated booking time for all our bookings & jobs!
Kindly do not reconfirm or contact us asking where the driver is before your booking timing as we may not reply!
Once the driver is on the way you may get an SMS notification to inform you.
We will send you an email reminder the day before your booking.
We will show up to all confirmed booking with a BOOKING ID as we are proud of our 100% show up rate!
If you do not have a booking ID & paid a deposit that means your booking is not successful.

Why do we need 120 minutes grace period?
There are many elements which are outside of our control:
– Weather
– Vehicle Breaking Down & We Have To Dispatch Another
– Traffic
– Customer Delayed Us
– Staff called in sick & we have to send another staff
We only take 1 booking per vehicle & leave 1 hour between any bookings so we do our best to time manage.

We can’t guarantee the starting time for the reason above.

Waiting Time

If we show up & the customer is not there or not ready to move we will charge waiting time depending on how many staff & the job type

Any booking changes requests must be made 48 hours before the booking timing via this link https://cheapestmoversg.com/beta/booking-change-request/ and is subject to availability.
1st time change made more than 48 hours before than booking is free subsequent changes made before 48 hours are charged an extra $10% per change of the booking value
Booking time is less than at the time of this request will be charged an extra 25% of the booking value
Booking time is less than at the time of this request will be charged an extra(75% of the booking value


Any cancellation must be made by clicking on the cancellation link as per the booking email.
There will be a minimum of 25% charge of the booking value & a 75% charge of the booking value if canceled under 24 hours.
A full charge if canceled on the same day as the booking date.
The 25% charge can be used to offset future booking if made within 7 days from the original booking date.
If you have boxes delivered as part of your package & decide to cancel we will then charge you for the boxes & delivery charges on top of the 25% minimum cancellation fees
Kindly click on

Refunds For Payments & Deposits

We do not offer any refunds after a booking is made no matter what the reason is as we block this slot for the customer & can’t take other bookings for this slot anymore.
We however will try to see if we can help in rescheduling the booking if possible & fees may apply!

Before we are able to confirm any brooking a minimum of 25% deposit must be paid& funds are cleared in our bank account, Credit Card, PayPal or PayLah.
In some cases we will ask for more deposit or even full payment from case to case & depending on the job timing.
Any balance/full payment must be paid on the spot by cash & failing to do so will carry a $150 lawyer demand letter plus a $100 admin fees & may incur court & legal fees if not settled in the stated time form the lawyer demand letter which will be billed to you on top of the total outstanding amount.
The above will apply to all cancelation unpaid fees as well if applicable.
If you would like to apply for an account please contact our hotline on 90793797 and do so before you book any jobs.
Invoices can only be issued after the full payment is made & will be emailed to you the next following day. Drivers do not carry invoice or receipt books with them!
Failing to make any payment after the job has been completed will result in a Police report for cheating and or a court case for losses at the small claims tribunal without any exceptions.

On Track Sg (CheapestMoverSg.com) doesn’t take any responsibility for any claims for missing, damaged goods or property after the move is completed & paid for.
There are no exceptions & this is non-negotiable!
The maximum claim allowed is SGD$100 per single job/booking/house move.
If you have any valuable items please take out your own insurance.
Liability is only applicable for jobs which On Track Sg or its associates are carrying out 100% of the labour & not applicable to non-labor or 50% assisted jobs.
We do not take responsibility for company deliveries unless our staff has counted, received & signed for the items & the receiver must also count, receive & sign for the items.

Vehicle & Driver Hire

The time starts when the driver arrives & you have been notified so please keep your phone on.
The time will start even if you don’t pick your phone up SO PLEASE KEEP IT WITHIN REACH!
The vehicles may differ from the sample picture showing on the site. Simple picture are not accurate & maybe incorrect
After the first hour, we will start to charge per 30 min blocks. If you don’t wish to go past one hour then ensure you have cleared all the items out of the vehicle, returned the trolley & paid the driver in full on the hour mark otherwise you may be charged for the extra time.

Customer Declaration & Responsibility 
It is the customer’s duty to declare all the items, which they want to move, dispose or store, & all obstacles they may arise during the shift including the following:

  • Staircases
  • Slops
  • Vehicle accessing the lift lobby & can park directly outside it.
  • Heavy Items more than 30kg.
  • The ordered vehicle can enter the carpark.
  • Dismantling & Assembly.
  • Parking more than 25 metres away from the building.
  • No legal parking.
  • Extra heavy or extra large items which can’t fit in the lift.
  • Long or narrow corridors to the lift.
  • Obstacles on the way that will not allow us to push the trolley all the way from the client’s door to our lorry.
  • Any add-ons after the price has been agreed.
  • All parties phone numbers
  • Informing building management & or security staff
  • All our quotes are based on max box size of 42x42x42 in cm & not weighing more than 20kg.

Staircase Climbing

If you require us to carry items up or down a staircase due to not having a lift in your building, your item won’t fit in the lift or your lift is not working we will be charging $20 per item per floor, $100 per 10ft lorry load per floor or $150 per 14ft lorry per floor.
Please inform our staff beforehand if you do not have a lift so we can send extra manpower.

Fake Bookings

We take this with all seriousness & any fake bookings or fake addresses for survey appointments will be reported to the Singapore POLICE force to investigate.
We are recording all IP addresses & will keep all SMS, WhatsApp & emails as proof of booking no exceptions.


Our prices are the same between 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week (Not including public holidays)and any jobs outside of our normal working hours or on public holidays will carry a surcharge, please check on the prices pages for the required service & confirm with one of our staff before or while booking.

Building Permits

All our pricing & quotes do not include the fee for applying or condo / building surcharges & fees.
We are happy to apply on the customer’s behalf at a cost of $50.0 per permit application plus any fees or charges that building management may request for.
The customer can obtain all our details and apply themselves if they choose to.

Box Delivery
Please note:
Boxes are not a standard & will only be included is indicated in the quote by us!
For delivery of the boxes, we will need at least 2 business days minimum or longer as we have to fit in between our bookings & can’t guarantee a box delivery time!
A deposit may be needed to use our boxes
Free boxes can only be supplied for jobs above $400 subject to being agreed on in the quote otherwise you may want to purchase the boxes.

Other Important Info
All prices are subject to change without prior notice unless you have a confirmed booking with either an SMS or an email with a confirmed price quoted!
All prices DO NOT include any staircase climbing either UP or DOWN, underground carpark slope or steps for all services so please declare before booking!
All prices are subject to the customer making sure that there is LEGAL parking under or in front of their residents with less than 30 metres to access the lift or the address!
All prices DO NOT include surcharges for after 5pm, parking, gantry or ERP charges are chargeable.
Any bookings made will be fully chargeable if we come and the items are not as described to us, even if the job can’t be completed.

Privacy Policy

On Track Sg will not share any personal info with any other companies or persons
On Track Sg may choose to use your info to send you promotional emails or offers from any sites which it operates.
You may unsubscribe at anytime!


On Track Sg (www.CheapestMoverSg.com) reserves the right to cancel appointments without giving a reason.
On Track Sg (www.CheapestMoverSg.com) may choose to use third party contractors to complete jobs/bookings.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice unless you have a confirmed booking with a booking ID.
All blogs are for reference only & prices are only displayed on the service or product page.

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