Deliveries Have Never Been Easier than with Cheapest Mover SG

Cheap Deliveries, As a business owner there will be numerous circumstances where you’ll be responsible for ensuring packages get from your business to another. Assigning an employee to transport packages can be costly, as you will have to pay them a salary among other things including benefits. This is why more companies are deciding to use trustworthy delivery companies such as Cheapest Mover SG. Our team not only specializes in moving, but we also help to make sure that your packages are delivered quickly, efficiently, and at little to no cost. 

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GPS Tracking Systems

One of the largest benefits of our delivery services over the competition is the fact that we offer GPS tracking so you know where your package is the entire time that it is in transit. This is far more efficient than using regular tracking numbers that other shippers and delivery companies offer. You will be able to receive up to date information in real time.

SMS and Email Notifications

 In the event that you are traveling or aren’t near a computer to track your package as it is delivered, our company delivery professionals will provide you with current SMS and email notifications as your package is picked up and dropped off at the desired location. This is the perfect way to keep our customers up to date about the details of their package so they have proof that the item was delivered.

Customisable Delivery Services

Our highly customisable delivery services include:

Same Day Delivery: In the event that you need to have a package delivered within the same day, our cheap delivery service will help to make sure that the task is taken care of. This means you won’t have to worry about booking deliveries in advance, as our team is readily available to assist you.

 Consistently Available: Unlike other companies that offer a cheap delivery service, we are consistently available whenever you need our assistance. This is one of the many benefits that our customers use to their advantage throughout the year.

Receipt of Delivery Order

When you opt for company delivery from Cheapest Mover SG we are able to get you D/O signed to give you all of the proof that you require to show that the package has been received, even a physical copy of the delivery order. Customers will have the ability to receive a free scan and email of the delivery order including the signature of the recipient. You also have the option to choose a signed delivery order via mail, though a small additional fee applies.


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