Need a hassle free Room Moving in Singapore?

Cheapest Movers Sg offers some of the Cheapest Room Moving packages in Singapore starting from just $70.00 with full labor assistance by the movers as displayed on 1st October 2017.

You can customise your package to suit your needs & add on to the standard packages. For example, if you have 5 boxes or items of luggage you need to be moved just choose $70.00 & if you need to add on say a mattress or a study desk etc, you can simply do so by adding them to package of your choice. All this can be done online VIA our Room Moving booking page without having to speak to anyone.

Once you book a Room Moving package you’ll be sent a detailed email with your booking number & what you have booked (check your junk email).

Our staff will show up on the day & complete your move & you pay them the balance less your deposit which you have already paid ion lie to secure the booking. Simple, hassle-free Room Move from your most reliable house and Room Moving movers in Singapore.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead & click on the below link to start your hassle-free Room Moving today!

Room Movers Singapore

You may also consider our popular Van & Driver packages if you don’t need the labor assistance or you may also look at 50% assist where you & the driver both carry equal shares & you can find more info from the links below:

Van & Driver packages: https://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-van-driver-by-the-hour

10ft lorry & Driver Packages: https://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-10ft-14ft-lorry-and-driver-hourly

Stick with the original Cheapest Mover Sg & play it safe on your moving date, We ALWAYS SHOW UP & won’t leave you stranded on the day!

Call or SMS us today we are available daily 9 am – 6 pm except on public holidays.


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