Sometimes moving is an indication of progress but at times it could mean you are trying to fit your expenditure to your budget. Whether you are moving houses because your large family cannot fit into the tiny apartment you bought as a single person, or need to downsize and so are relocating to a cheaper or smaller premises, the planning alone can be stressful. For most people, the concern is to get all their belongings from point A to B and without proper consideration, mistakes could happen. These three mistakes are the most common and unfortunately the most repeated;

Overlooking your packing supply needs

The efficiency of the packing process means that everything you own is packaged according to type and packaging is enough to accommodate all items. It is easy to concentrate on clearing the old premise without regard for how various items will be transported. If you are moving from a one bedroom apartment, for instance, you might already be aware that you require an average 35 boxes to move in. What might not be obvious is that every box must be packed and taped to secure the content. Some people find that colour coding the boxes works better for them. If you start to plan your move early, you will have enough time to get free boxes from stores around you.

Underestimate the role of movers

There I information and tips everywhere to encourage and teach people how to things for themselves. Off course we all want to make money and that is why people take up DIY projects. While the sure benefit is saving money, how about saving time and averting losses? Professional movers, owing to their training, experience and use of specialised moving equipment, are able to lift heavy items, secure fragile and save time while at it.

Not engaging a professional organiser

Have you ever noticed how much clutter people leave behind when they move? Well, hiring a professional organiser will not reduce the levels but at least you can be assured that clutter is not allowed to pile up or does not re-occur in the new premises. Especially when you need the moving process completed in a hurry, a professional organiser will help you to arrange your belongings to fit the size and style of your new premises.

Written by Cheapest Mover Sg


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