When you have packed everything you need to move with to the new house but there is still a lot lying around that you do not intend to carry, you need a plan of getting rid of it. If this pile of junk includes old clothes and electronics, you can organize a garage sale, donate to charity or leave it to your neighbors and friends to use. That applies for wanted goods, but what happens to the unwanted pile? Rubbish disposal and removal is offered as a professional service depending on the nature of items being disposed of;

Poisonous and harmful chemicals – you might not find anyone who needs any of these and especially if they are past their expiry date. In most cases, such waste is best buried in a landfill or incinerated because it could be fatal if accessed by humans and animals.

Green waste – if you have a garden or farming project, then you will need this green material to compost. You could do this by yourself or sell to companies that prepare compost. If you have a pile of compost you are not sure who to give to, you can approach neighbors with gardens around your old neighborhood and offer them a bargain they cannot refuse.

Recyclable rubbish – sometimes an item will be classified as rubbish simply because it does not conform to the new lifestyle. If you have an old bath tub that you have no use for, you can hire a removals company to chop id down or refurbish it for resale.

Electrical items – electronics are no longer useful when they get spoilt, or become outdated, instead of using an electrical appliance that uses up large amounts of electricity when there are alternatives that are more energy efficient, home owners sometimes prefer to get rid of them. You may not have the use for a dead mobile phone, but a disposal company will know how to use components as spare parts and refurbish those that can still be used.

With the various uses for waste, it is clear that rubbish removal and disposal is a crucial step when moving houses. A popular choice for many people is to hire a skip bin, which is a large container that is charged per day and which the person who has hired it dumped whichever manner of rubbish they wish to get rid of. If you do not have the time to


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