Are you looking for an Easy Van hire by the hour in Singapore?

Best Easy Van Hire is Here so Look no further! Cheapest Movers Singapore offers an Easy Van hire service by the hour @ just $35!

Know who your are getting, We KNOW all our drivers & DO NOT give jobs out unlike other providers where they just post the JOB & who knows who may show up at your door step knowing your phone number & full address!! BE AWARE!!!!

How does our Easy Van hire work?

Well our Easy Van hourly hire is a simple & cheap way for you to get all your items moved for just $35! Simply  SMS us on 9079 3797 to book a hassle free & Easy Van hire or book online VIA http://cheapestmoversg.com/hire-a-van-driver-by-the-hour/.

Our one hour Easy Van hire includes the following:

1- One hour to make it Easy for you to load the van.
2- A free use of our trolly to make it Easy for you to bring your items down.
3- A to B service .
4- Unlimited mileage so it is Easy for you.

Why you should seriously consider using our one hour Free & Easy Van service? With our one hour Easy Van service you are in control of how much you spend on your move, you can either bring all your items down before our driver arrives so you can load & go very fast to ensure your move doesn’t exceed the one hour mark if both your addresses are very far or you can also wait for our driver to arrive first & then borrow the trolly to move your items down.

What happens if you exceed one hour? You can go for 1.5 hour Easy Van service @ $52.50 or a 2 Hour Easy Van service @ $70!

FACT! 95% of all our Easy Van hires DO NOT exceed the one hour mark!

Get in touch with us today for an Easy Van experience you won’t regret!

We are Singapore’s best & cheapest Van & driver service provider!

Written by Cheapest Mover SG – www.chepaestmoversg.com

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