To hire a mover or DIY


Even though a homeowner may be aware that they are going to move, most do not decide how the process will be until the last minute. Hiring a professional moving service is most ideal because your belongings will not only be handled by a professional, but packaged using time saving equipment. For those who would like to attempt a self-move, at least they get an opportunity to save. It may straightforward easy to organise a move simply because you are getting your belongings from one point to another but the individual tasks may be quite overwhelming. The decision to either hire a professional moving service or handle the move determines how the process of packaging and moving is going to be. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of both choices;


DIY Pros:

  • The homeowner operates within the confines of a set budget since they are aware of how much they are able to spend.
  • Since you are doing most of the work by yourself, it is easy to follow an individual program.
  • Unlike having to pay a fine for either postponing or delaying a move when dealing with professional movers, the date and time of a move can change several times at no charge.


Professional movers Pros:

  • Since most professional teams have been trained to work by themselves, the homeowner has tons of free time on their hands to use for other things.
  • There is no doubt that moving is a huge responsibility but when some else is in charge of the heavy lifting, you save a lot of energy.
  • The experience and skill of professional movers is a great resource when saving time and packing valuables.


Before you decide to hire a professional service because it is convenient or move by yourself because it saves you time, think about the specifics of your situation as well as needs of the process. When a move is taking place over long distances or there are a large number of stuff to pack in preparation for a move, both arrangements can be used provided ample time is allowed for planning.


Other factors that will very likely influence the way you move are presence of children, pets and bedridden relatives. Every time there is need for special attention, the odds are in favor of hiring a professional service. There is always the option of hiring a moving service for some tasks then doing the rest yourself; find out in advance how this could work for you. Plan your move early and start saving for a moving service even if uncertain you will use it.


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