Ideas to help reduce moving costs


Moving not only takes time but can strain you financially especially if you have a lot of items you need to move. The following tips will help you to cut down on the expenses so that you will have extra money to spend on other things;


Keep what you pack at a minimum


As soon as you make a decision to move, go through all your belongings and set aside those that you have been planning to replace, old items you no longer use and those you have not used for a long time. The fact is, if you have not been using them or had never found the time to give them away, this will not change when you move. You can get rid of the items you set aside by selling them at a yard sale, donating to friends and secondhand stores or throwing what cannot be used.


Match the moving service to the job at hand


Most moving services will charge according to the number of rooms that are being moved, distance from current premises to new house and number of movers made available for the job. If you are moving out of an apartment to another on the same floor, DIY will save you a lot of money but it is best if you have a lot of time on your hands. If there is still need to hire some help, go for local companies because you will not need specialised service. The fact that movers will carry out the move in less time and your belongings will be intact, makes even a cheap service an option.


Choose between two or more quotes


Just like you would do for any other service, find companies whose rates are within your budget range. You are lucky if your move is going to be during low season since most companies will be open to negotiations. Some companies will lower their rates between fall and winter and if you can, this is the best time to save money on a move.


Economize on packing supplies


First time movers are especially guilty of going overboard where packing supplies are concerned. While a moving truck rental store will have ready boxes to sell, the expense will add up to the moving costs. If you can, ask your friends and family members to lend you boxes they have moved with and which they no longer have use for. You may also ask your local store to save up several boxes which you can collect and used for moving.


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