Moving? You do not need to take these with you

Packing to move to a new house is an activity you would gladly skip if you had the choice. The best you can do since you need to get your belongings shifted in as little time as possible is to come up with a strategy for using little time to accomplish the exercise. As a general rule, safety comes first especially because you are packing up heavy objects and others which could cause fatal injuries. When a moving company Singapore provides a truck to move your belongings, you may be targeting to load everything onto the vehicle but you do not have to. It is understandable that you want to blend into the new space as easily as possible but you need to be aware of the forbidden items that do not need to be moved;

Hazardous materials – these are basically materials and substances that are considered poisonous in nature. Aerosol cans which could explode at high temperature (the truck being a machine could heat u and raise the temperature of the sun could heat up the interior of the truck causing and explosion), fertilizers and pesticides that could contaminate other items in the moving truck causing contact poisoning even after the moving exercise is complete and liquor whose movement between different regions is controlled by laws and the bottles could break soaking up furniture and clothes. Other items that are classified as hazardous in the home setting are car batteries, petrol, anti-freeze, paint and paint thinners, fire extinguishers and cleaning agents. While these are items that could have cost a lot of money to buy in the first place, they may result in serious contamination or injury on transit.

Perishable food – weeks before your actual moving date, it is a good idea to empty your food supplies and especially the perishables. If you cannot consume everything in your pantry by the time you begin packing, get rid of it or leave it to family and friends to help finish it off. Fresh food will definitely be going bad in a couple of days at most and while your aim is to settle in to your new place quickly, it may be a while before you begin preparing meals from the new house. It would be pointless to carry refrigerated and frozen foods then deal with food poisoning later on because of improper storage conditions.

You have found use for your hazardous materials and perishable foods but what do you do with pets and plants? Bringing a plant and pet with you will depend on the nature of housing you are moving into. If allowed, arrange for special transport containers from a moving company Singapore or ferry service to prevent damage or injury.

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