Packing supplies you will need when moving

You know what you own and how each item will be carried to the new house, but how about what you will use to carry it? Packing is without doubt stressful and it will be even more of a headache if you do not take into consideration what you will use to ferry your belongings. Depending on the nature of items that you will be carrying to the new house, these are the packing supplies you must consider;

  • Cardboard boxes – all movers & packers have plenty of strong boxes which they use to ferry items between locations. The greatest feature of these boxes should be strength so that they are able to withstand the weight of some of the heavy items being moved. Considering all the items that need moving from a house at the same time, it could cost a lot of money to acquire them. Most movers and packers provide their own boxes when hired to move but if you are doing the moving by yourself, you can either rent the boxes or borrow from friends and family members who have moved recently. Apart from their ability to carry heavy luggage, cardboard boxes meant for moving must also be clean.
  • Bubble wrap – this packing material is for breakables and other items which you consider to be delicate. If you have plenty of paintings, china, electronics and vacuum flasks, then you may find that the bubble wrap you buy is still not enough. Instead of going back to the store for more, you can use any old pieces of fabric around the house to form a cushion around the object you intend to protect before placing it in a box ready for the move.
  • Packing paper – when moving items especially over long distances, they tend to rub and hit against each other leaving tough stains that may be impossible to remove. As the first line of defense against staining, use packing paper for the delicate items you are moving. Some of the items you might consider wrapping in an initial layer of plain packing paper are mugs and small kitchen appliances.

Other than the main materials discussed above, other packing supplies you need to acquire are a pair of scissors, packing tape and a marker. The kind of packing tape you buy should be suitable for the boxes you are using especially if you plan to reuse or resell them. The marker should be used on labels you sick on the cartons to prevent formation of permanent marking on belongings.

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