Singapore House Mover – Move Your House Per 14ft Lorry Basis:

We are happy to share that our new Singapore House Mover Per Load Basis is very popular among both our private individual clients & business clients alike!

What is the Singapore House Mover Per Load Basis Package & How Does It Work?

Cheapest Mover SG, Singapore House Mover Per Load basis is a very good in saving our customers money where they only pay for what they use, avoiding expensive House Moving & unnecessary expenses!

You basically book a minimum of 1 X 14ft lorry load starting from $350 per load which includes (14ft – 15ft covered lorry, driver & workers) to help you with your house moving, office move or if you are delivering items to say the Singapore Expo for your upcoming event!

What will happen if you exceed 1 load?

We will start charging you per 1/2 a load depending on the first load price.

What is the cost per load?

Our base price is $350 per 14ft – 15ft lorry load & we will advice you on any additional cost depending on your house move, for example: if you have a staircase, long push, lift is not working, we can’t enter your condo due to the rules & have to unload outside, dismantling of storage beds or large wardrobes.

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