Singapore Moving Tips to make your life easier:


  • Pack a separate bag with all your essentials the nigh t before your move.
  • Pack Important Items, which you may need to use urgently in a clear plastic container.
  • Wrap all your fragile items in old clothing or socks & bubble wrap like your vases, glasses & dishes.
  • Label each box well & add the contents on the box if you are going to store them so you can easily find your items easily.
  • Always indicate which side is up.
  • Wrap & place all your cosmetics, toiletries in sealable bags like glad for example to ensure no accidents during the move.
  • Pack your fragile items vertically as they will be less likely to break.
  • Make sure all your all your bulky items, wooden items & glass items are fully protected & demand that your movers wrap them with shrink-wrap.
  • Leave all your light items & unbreakable items in the drawers as that will save you time in the packing & unpacking process.
  • Use vacuum sealable bags to save space which may save you tones of money with your move especially if you have lot of clothing, This is a great idea as clothing or bedding in boxes may take valuable space in the movers lorry & you want to keep the move to one lorry.
  • Use sealable bags for all your powers plugs, cords, screws, nuts & bolts.
  • Always take photos before you dismantle or unplug anything like a bed, TV etc.
  • Make sure all your items are packed before the movers arrive.
  • Number & count all your boxes for easy reference.
  • Get your new place cleaned before you move in
  • If you are renting make sure to take photos of your new place before moving anything for future reference.
  • Don’t forget to change your addresses
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